Wednesday, May 22, 2024

10 key reasons to call a divorce lawyer in Sandy

Dealing with your divorce proceedings won’t be easy. It is okay to feel overwhelmed and lean on your friends for support and help. However, when it comes to the actual legal aspects of your divorce, you need a lawyer. Below are ten key reasons to hire a Sandy divorce lawyer

  1. Because you know nothing about the law. While divorce in Utah is supposed to be simple, things are often far from perfect. Get an attorney if you don’t know about your rights. 
  2. Because you are in a custody battle. Fighting with your spouse over child custody can be hard, and it is best to rely on an attorney for formal negotiations. 
  3. Because your spouse won’t agree. If your divorce is inherently complex, you wouldn’t want to go through everything without divorce lawyers kingman az.
  4. Because you are dealing with abuse. Domestic violence in any form should be reported. If your spouse has abused or threatened you, talk to a lawyer. 
  5. Because you have a big estate. Marital properties in Utah are to be divided equitably between the spouses. If you and your spouse have considerable wealth, get in touch with a family law lawyer. 
  6. Because you don’t want to deal with the paperwork. This could be a solid reason to hire an attorney even if you are expecting an uncontested, no-fault divorce. 
  7. Because you need advice. An attorney can bring objectivity and expertise to the table and ensure that you don’t make decisions when you are high on emotions. 
  8. Because the matter is likely to be in court. Many divorce battles do end up before a judge, and if that happens with you, your lawyer can represent you better. 
  9. Because you want alimony. Either spouse can ask for alimony, and the court will decide based on several factors, including the length of the marriage. Get an attorney if you need spousal support. 
  10. Because you have a fault ground. If your divorce is based on a fault ground, such as adultery or willful desertion, you must consult an attorney without delay. 

No matter how you perceive the situation, your divorce is a legal matter, and you cannot expect to do everything on your own. Be very careful with regard to filing the papers because mistakes can have consequences, and you may lose valuable time. A divorce lawyer brisbane can help minimize friction and offer the support you need to tide through the tough times.