Care When Choosing A Social Security Lawyer


Choosing a good professional to care for such delicate matters is not easy. We’ve drawn up a step-by-step to help you with that decision. There are some points that only those who are from the area are aware of.

Before visiting the office:

Make sure the lawyer is a pension specialist. You can do this by finding out how many social security cases his office works on. Here in Paraná, you can check this data on the website;

Research if he writes and understands social security. See if the lawyer talks about the area on the website or social media. Suppose he has a blog or other communication channel and doesn’t mention social security, research a little more before hiring.

Ask a lawyer you trust to research his colleague’s performance and reputation.

At the beginning of the pension consultation:

Ask to see your benefit calculations (retirement, pension, allowances). Social security lawyer has to make calculations. If he doesn’t, run away!

Analyze whether he asked about the details of your work life. A 15-minute conversation can help him understand a little more about your case, but many times it is necessary to analyze documents and come back for a second appointment;

make sure the person who is assisting you is a lawyer and he is also good in compensation for police officers injured on duty. Do not accept being served by interns or people without deep knowledge of the area.

During The Pension Consultation:

Ask if he will file a writ of mandamus if his administrative process takes too long. The writ of mandamus is a judicial process that can speed up the decision on your social security benefit by many months.

Ask if he files a petition for the administrative claim. This can avoid lawsuits and facilitate the achievement of your rights. It’s hard work for the lawyer, but it makes a lot of difference for you.

Ask whether, in a power of attorney, he is asking for powers to receive benefits on your behalf. This is unusual and could indicate danger.

These steps will help a lot in hiring a social security disability attorney columbia sc. Thus, you save yourself from inexperienced lawyers, fraudsters, or who provide bad service.

How Much The Social Security Lawyer Can Charge

He is obliged to obey the limits established by the OAB. It cannot be less than the OAB minimum nor more than what you received in your process. For pensions, disability benefits, and death benefits, most offices split the pay into:

  • percentage of arrears;
  • amount of benefits.

We have complete content on how much a social security lawyer charges. Be sure to check it out!


The Pension Lawyer can take a stone out of your shoe and save your pension. A trusted office can help you with all questions involving Social Security and procedures. At Kenton Koszdin Law Office, we carry out remote and face-to-face consultations and Social Security Planning, applying everything we’ve said here.

What remains from this post is:

  • not all cases will need a Social Security Lawyer 
  • use the step-by-step guide I showed to hire a good Social Security Lawyer
  • check that the fees are not abusive, and be wary if professional charges less than the minimum
  • Now it’s much easier to hire a quality pension lawyer.


Ruth Lee
the authorRuth Lee