Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Common Facts About Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunate events like car accidents can occur suddenly and can impact severely, causing injuries and losses. In some cases, even wrongful deaths are bound to happen in a car accident. Commonly, car accidents occur due to collisions at turning points, inexperienced driving, and driving while impaired. The car accident victim can file a lawsuit against the negligent party who had caused the accident for fair compensation for the losses incurred.

Since the victim could have avoided the accident if the negligent party was not careless, with help from an Albuquerque car accident lawyer, the victim can file an insurance claim.

Here are common facts about drunk driving accidents:

  • Speeding

A driver under the influence of alcohol might not be fully conscious and would accidentally accelerate the vehicle over speed than usual, resulting in a massive accident. Since the speed was not intentionally accelerated, it cannot be halted by the drunk driver. Therefore, even if there are no other parties involved in the car crash, the drunk driver might hurt themself during the act. 

  • Loss of control

Even conscious drivers lose control when they get distracted by something while driving, and in the event of a drunk driving case, it is evident that the driver can lose control over their vehicle. Any vehicle that drives beside them can get hit, especially the one-way road. 

  • Hit-and-run

It has been reported that most hit-and-run accident cases are caused by drunk drivers wherein the driver who was under the influence of alcohol causes an accident and does not offer aid to the victim despite causing the accident. As obvious as it sounds, the drunk driver may not be able to help themselves, and so it can be critical for them to offer help to the victim.

  • Breath test

If a police officer suspects that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you might be asked to take a breath test to determine if you have consumed any alcohol. Although the breath tester might not show accurate results, it can detect if there is the presence of alcohol in your body instantly.

The impact of drunk driving is massive and can cause severe injuries and damages. Even wrongful death can occur in a drunk driving case where even the negligent party might lose their life at the accident scene. Hence, it is advised by law that a driver should not drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug substance. If they did, the consequences could be severe. Only professional legal help from an attorney can save them from the drunk driving case.