Does Distracted Driving Impact Your Insurance Premium?

When you get a ticket for violating a traffic law, it is possible that there might be an increase in your insurance premiums. A ticket for distracted driving is no exception. However, whether or not you receive an increase depends on your state and insurer. 

Ultimately, it is best to avoid using the phone or doing other activities that might get you pulled up by a police officer. Distracted driving can also cause catastrophic accidents. If you are involved in a similar collision, you need the assistance of a car accident attorney louisville.

What is considered distracted driving?

Distracted driving refers to when a person does an activity that prevents them from completing focusing on the road. The distractions can be visual, manual, or cognitive. Some common distracted driving examples we see everyday include: 

  • Using your phone
  • Reading or writing
  • Eating and drinking
  • Entering information into a GPS
  • Personal grooming, etc.

Do driving tickets affect insurance rates?

As stated above, whether your insurance rates will go up depends on your state and insurance company. In Kentucky, your insurer is allowed to increase your premiums if you get a distracted driving traffic ticket. 

When you get caught for distracted driving, you are considered a high-risk driver who may cause accidents in the future. Distracted driving is a serious matter, and the law does not spare anyone who engages in it. 

What are the legal penalties for distracted driving?

You need to worry about the legal penalties for distracted driving more than your insurance premiums. For your first violation, you will need to pay a fine of $25, and along with that, you will receive three points on your driver’s license. For a second and subsequent violation, the fine is $50 with an additional three points on the motorist’s driving record.

If you accumulate too many points within a specific time period, your license might get suspended temporarily. 

How long do points remain on my driving record?

If a police officer in louisville gives you points on your license, they stay on your record for two years from the date of the conviction. Any points you collect within the two years will add up to the initial point. However, after two years, the count is restarted. 

It is noteworthy that even though points only stay for two years, the record of the convection stays for five years. Therefore, anyone who runs a background check on you within five years of the conviction will know that you have a criminal record. This may not harm all careers. However, you will probably find a hard time finding jobs requiring you to operate motor vehicles. For example, a pizza delivery boy.