Got Injured Because of Distracted Driver? Know Your Rights!

Distracted driving is increasing in the United States. Distracted driving is one of the common causes of death in the country. When a person gets into an accident and sustains injuries due to a distracted driver, the victim may be unaware of their rights. 

After the accident, the victim has multiple questions about who will pay their medical bill, will they be able to file for compensation and more. However, it is vital to know that you are still eligible to get compensation if you are injured because of a distracted driver. However, you need to act quickly with the help of a Hillsville Personal Injury Lawyer

Can you get compensation if a distracted driver injured you?

Distracted driving falls under negligence. If the driver was distracted, it was due to careless behavior that they got into an accident, and you sustained injuries. If the distracted driver caused you injuries, you must gather sufficient evidence to prove that the driver was distracted. 

Additionally, you can file for compensation under personal injury and get compensation for: 

  • Loss of income due to injuries. 
  • All your medical expenses. 
  • Property damage. 
  • Other losses.

While you cannot predict the compensation amount, a lawyer can help you figure out an estimated compensation amount to expect. In cases where you are severely injured and sustain permanent disability, you can take your case to court and get additional benefits such as future lost income, medical care, and other losses. 

Collect evidence. 

Proving that the other driver was distracted can be challenging. It is evident that the at-fault driver will never accept that they were distracted. Instead, the driver will try their best to prove that you were at fault too. Similarly, when you approach compensation, the insurance company will find additional evidence against you to refuse your claim. 

Therefore, you must ensure you collect all the evidence to prove that the other driver was distracted and gave you injuries. However, when you seek help from a lawyer, they will revisit the accident scene, collect all the possible evidence, work with other experts, and more to collect evidence against the other driver. 

Moreover, when a lawyer backs you, the at-fault party and the insurance company will not try to manipulate you into their tactics to deny your claim. So, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to get peace of mind and get maximum compensation by holding the distracted driver accountable for their negligence.