Guide To Report a Car Accident in Tucson

Drivers Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident, looking concerned

Car accidents have always been a concern in the country. Reporting the accident is one of the primary steps the victim must take following the accident. Previously, reporting a car accident in the city was one of the most challenging processes for the victim. The police did not show up even after reporting the incident most of the time. 

Since police reports play a vital role in filing for car accident claims, the police not showing up made the compensation process challenging for the victims. Fortunately, with the establishment of the Tucson Collison Reporting Center, the reporting process has become easier. 

The reporting center has made it easier for the victims to get the support they need following the accident. Since the police department had a limited spread and did not take “minor” accidents seriously, Tucson Collison Reporting Center opened the doors for car accident victims and got the desired support. 

It’s important to remember that when pursuing a car accident claim, always seek help from a Tucson auto accident attorney. They can provide invaluable assistance in securing a fair settlement for your case. To better understand how such professionals can support you in this process, you can learn more here.

How to report a car accident?

Car accident reports play a vital role in proving that the accident occurred. Without a police report, getting compensation for your injuries can be complex. The insurance company will deny your claim in many cases because you do not have a copy of the police report. 

After you collide with a car, you must call 911 right away. If the injuries are severe, ensure to seek medical assistance. After you contact the emergency number, the operator will decide whether you need help from the Tucson Collison Reporting Center or the police. 

There may be chances that the police may not be necessary. In such a case, ensure to gather evidence as much as possible. Take pictures of the damage to your car, your physical injuries, and other accident-related evidence to support your claim. 

Next, you must visit the reporting center within 72 hours of your accident with your car. You can speak to the officer in the center who will help file a police report about the accident. The officer will also take your statement and necessary pictures of the damage done to your car. Once the process is completed, you can ask the center to provide you with a copy of the reports. Moreover, you can request the authority to send your reports to the insurance company and car accident attorney casper, wy directly to save time.