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HIPAA Privacy, Security And Breach Notification Compliance – US Seminar 2012 at Boston

Overview: This session is built to provide intensive, two-day learning HIPAA compliance, including what’s presently inside the rules, what’s altering, what’s really going to have to be addressed by covered entities and work associates soon. The session provides the background details for almost any manager of healthcare information privacy and security to understand what are the key privacy and security issues, what should be for HIPAA compliance, along with what can happen without compliance.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Compliance Training

Areas Covered inside the Session:

How a HIPAA Rules has been around since

Objectives of HIPAA Rules

Concepts of HIPAA Compliance

Outline in the HIPAA Rules

Concept of HIPAA Work Associates

Patient Legal legal rights Under HIPAA

Privacy Obligations Under HIPAA

Changes for the HIPAA Privacy Rules

Concepts of understanding Security

How to do a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Procedures and policies for HIPAA Compliance

Just what is a HIPAA Audit and ways to Prepare for One

How EHRs, Significant Use, and HIPAA Are Connected

Typical Risk Issues and Minimization Planning

The Completely New Threats: Portable Devices and Social Media

Using Self-Audits and Drills to Hone Your Compliance Response

Using Documentation to Streamline Continuous Compliance Readiness

Top FAQs for Compliance Assessments - BizzSecure

Course Modules & Content Details:

The Very First Day :The very first day sets happens with introducing the HIPAA rules then continues with presentation in the more understanding concerning the Privacy Rule, recent and expected changes for the rules, as well as the basics in the Security Rule.

First Day, May 17th, 2012

Lecture 1: Review of HIPAA Rules

The Origins and Reason for HIPAA

Privacy Rule Background Objectives

Security Rule Background Objectives

Breach Notification Needs, Benefits, and Results

Lecture 2: HIPAA Privacy Rule Concepts, Procedures and policies

Patient Legal legal rights under HIPAA

Limitations on Uses and Disclosures

Needed Procedures and policies

Training and Documentation Needs

Lecture 3: Recent and Recommended Changes for the HIPAA Rules

New Penalty Structure

New Audit Needs

New Patient Legal legal rights

New Obligations for Work Associates

Lecture 4: HIPAA Security Rule Concepts

General Rules and flexibility Provisions

The Part of Risk Analysis

Security Safeguards

Training and Documentation

Day 2, May 18, 2012

Day Two: Day two begins with a detailed study of HIPAA Security Rule needs and also the needed steps to live audits with the US Department of Health insurance Human Services, together with a test of the way risk analysis may be used to operate a vehicle compliance with the systematic study of knowledge flows and minimization of risks discovered. Finally, your entire day concludes getting a session round the essential activities of documenting policies, procedures, and activities, training staff and managers inside the issues and policies they need to find out about, and analyzing compliance readiness through drills and self-audits.

Lecture 5: HIPAA Security Procedures and policies and Audits

HIPAA Security Policy Framework

Sample Security Policy Content

Recommended Amount of Detail for Procedures and policies

Using Good Procedures and policies to live Audits

Lecture 6: Risk Analysis for Security and Significant Use

Concepts of Risk Analysis for Information Security

Information Security Management Process

Risk Analysis Methods

Risk Analysis Example

Lecture 7: Risk Minimization and Compliance Removal

Typical Security Risks

Social Media and Privacy

Dealing with Portable Devices and Remote Access

Compliance Planning

Lecture 8: Documentation, Training, Drills and Self-Audits

The best way to Organize and rehearse Documentation in your favor

Methods Of Training and Compliance Improvement

Performing Drills in Incident Response

Self-Auditing of Compliance

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