How to Make Sure that You are Receiving the Correct Amount of Child Support?

In most countries, child support is a form of monetary support that one parent provides for their children if they are not married or with whom they do not live. It is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to provide a guaranteed minimum income; the amount will usually be around half of the net income of their child. If a child’s other parent fails to pay or cannot pay, they may be ordered to pay money as designated by a court in order for them to receive public assistance.

If you are receiving child support payments that are less than what was determined by the court, you may want to contact an attorney who has experience with similar cases. You can easily find an attorney to handle such a case by searching for “family lawyers near me” on your browser.

The amount one should pay as child support depends on the other parent’s income and their ability to pay. Child support orders may vary depending on the situation of each parent. Some states use a percentage of their gross income when they compute the amount of child support. 

What to Do If You Think You are Not Receiving Correct Amount of Child Support?

If you think you are the recipient of incorrect child support payments, there are steps that should be taken to determine if the payments are correct. One must make a list of all of their expenses and add in the amount they receive from their financial aid. If you can’t find any errors, try performing a comparison with what your ex-spouse was paying before they moved to another state.

If you have received payments that are lower or completely missing for any reason, then it may be time to consider having a family lawyer review your case so that an appeal can be made and evidence is brought forth to prove that these amounts have been wrongfully withheld from you. If the child support has been capped by the court and you believe that you should be receiving more, an attorney can represent you in court to discuss your case with the judge.

If there is a big discrepancy in payments, it may be time to find a new family law attorney who specializes in child support issues. You should never settle for the first offer that your ex-spouse gives or what they have stated on paper.