Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Most Common Complaints That The HR Receives

The US government protects employees from being discriminated against in the workplace. If employees face any form of discrimination or are treated differently due to their personal characteristics, they can make a complaint with the HR department. Due to this, the HR department is often burdened with hundreds of responsibilities. 

If you have faced discrimination and the HR department has been of no help to you, you can seek help from an employment law attorney near me to know your other options. Meanwhile, here are the most common employee complaints. 

Topmost common complaints that HR receives 

  • Compensation. 

Issues regarding compensation are one of the most complaints to the HR department among employees worldwide. People facing discrimination may get paid lesser money than their colleagues. 

For instance, women are still paid less than men in many parts of the world, including the United States. However, that is illegal. If you see your employer paying a higher amount to your colleague for doing the same or less work than you do, you may take legal action. 

  • Favoritism. 

When an employer has discriminatory behavior, they often practice favoritism. It is the practice of treating one group of people better than another because of their own preferences. If your boss is extra-chatty or shares more laughs with a certain group of people, you may be a victim of favoritism. This often emerges from discrimination. 

  • Leaves. 

Every employee is entitled to take the leaves offered in their employment contract. Sometimes companies are under work pressure, and it is not easy to grant leaves. However, if you see another employee take leave after leave while you still have not used any of your leaves yet, it might be time to file a complaint. 

  • Lack of communication between employees and managers. 

Lack of communication, transparency and disconnection can make it challenging to stay in a company. Moreover, miscommunication can cause huge problems that can threaten your position in the company. If your manager, supervisor, or boss has not maintained communication with you, even after you have tried multiple times, it is a red flag. 

  • Promotions. 

Watching your co-worker or work friend get a promotion can be a bittersweet moment, especially when you know you deserve it more than them. It is natural to feel left behind or upset because you did not get it. However, if you genuinely think that the person is not deserving and the boss is just playing favorites, you have the right to raise your voice. You can also request details regarding how much you and the person have contributed to the company.