Preserving Evidence and Building a Truck Accident Case in Manhattan, KS

Following a truck accident, you will want to take steps to protect your rights as an injured victim and increase your chances of being awarded monetary compensation. However, you have probably sustained serious injuries that must be attended to by a doctor right away. Because you should be transported to a hospital from the crash scene, you may not be able to start building an injury claim. In this case, you should call a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney to get this job done on your behalf. However, if you can stay at the scene, here are steps you must take:

Call 911

Because a truck accident commonly results in injuries, you should have an emergency medical team on the way, so you can get the necessary medical treatment. Also, calling 911 will have the police responding to your accident and documenting the accident scene. It is important to preserve evidence that can be obtained from the scene because you will need it to support your accident claim. 

Big trucking companies and their insurance providers hire round-the-clock emergency response teams to respond to truck accident scenes. Thus, they begin building their defense right away while the police are doing their investigation. But remember that the defendant will also investigate the police report, so make sure you watch what you say.

Seek Medical Attention

Although it is important to preserve evidence and build your case quickly, you should still prioritize your health and safety. This is the reason you need an attorney working on your case, interviewing witnesses, and hiring professionals to inspect the accident scene and the vehicles involved. By getting immediate medical attention, you can have your health evaluated by a doctor and be given appropriate medical treatment. Also, the earlier you see a doctor the sooner your doctor can document your injuries. So, no matter how worried you might be about your bills or how okay you feel, you should get immediate medical care.

Document the Accident Scene

When your truck accident is investigated, accident reconstruction usually takes place. Your semi truck accident attorney prince georges county md will work with experts to reconstruct the way the crash occurred. This activity is particularly essential if you have sustained injuries. This will give accurate visuals that can be used as evidence in your case. As images and videos are created, the crash scene should be documented accurately and thoroughly. Also, reconstruction involves downloading the airbag modules and the black boxes from the vehicles involved in the accident using specialized software. The documentation will be used by the truck accident attorney Utah to help in compensation