Quick Guide to Boosting Law Firm brand Awareness

If you want to build a competitive law firm that will stand as long as some of those historic firms you see in fancy buildings in Sydney and Melbourne, then you have to be able to generate a strong legal services brand. Some old-school lawyers might find the notion of branding and brand awareness as something that is beneath the dignity of law firms, but it is actually an important reality of the wider business world today. To really succeed and build a lasting legacy, you simply have to increase awareness for your law firm.

If you’re short of ideas on how to do that, then here are a few to get you and your team started:

1. Become a Thought Leader in Your Chosen Areas

When it comes to choosing a law firm, very high on the list of priorities for potential clients is trustworthiness. Legal matters can have life-changing consequences for people, no matter how seemingly trivial or simple they are, or whether or not they involve criminal wrongdoing. One way that helps people choose a particular law firm from a sea of competition is that company’s reputation as a “leader” in whatever area of law is relevant to that client’s needs.

For a law firm, a way to get that reputation is to become known as a thought leader in that area. For instance, if your practice is focused on family law, then you could publish articles on your website or blog regularly that explain common questions and queries people have on the subject. You could also submit some for publication in legal journals and other authoritative publications.

2. Create Engaging and Informative Video Content

Not everyone likes to read long articles, especially when it comes to complex legal issues. Therefore, having lawyers in your firm create explainer videos where they try to put into simple terms answers to common legal questions is a terrific alternative. These can be simple “talking heads” videos, or perhaps you could outsource the job to an animator to take your associate’s words and make a word or whiteboard animation to help explain it.

If your law firm becomes known for these simple law video formats, it will help push your brand to the front of people’s minds when they’re thinking about looking for legal services.

3. Let Your Expertise and Reputation Speak for Itself

Outside of the marketing efforts that you can make, the other big thing that will do wonders for your law firm’s brand image is the building of a stellar reputation for success and victory for your clients. Of course, not all legal matters are simply a case of winning and losing, so your ability to create effective and acceptable compromises for warring clients is another string to your brand’s bow.

Once you have these things, they should shine through in the way that people speak about your services online, as well as in the way you present yourself through your website and other publicly available information.

4. Reflect On Your Particular USPs

If you’re still in the early stage of building up your own legal brand, then it’s critical that you don’t skip this fundamental step. You have to identify what the unique selling points (USPs) of your firm are, because it is these USPs that will form the foundation of your brand. They will be a part of every marketing message and campaign that you launch, and they’ll include keywords and key concepts that will permeate into everything you do to expand and strengthen that brand.