Steps for Seeking Asylum in the Us 

Thoudnsa of immigrants come to the US seeking a safe place from their hometown. There are several reasons why one has to leave their motherland and fly to a foreign country. While it is sad, it is sometimes the only option if you want to survive and live a fulfilling life with all the necessary freedom. Race, religion, and violation of human rights are prominent reasons why several people find refuge in America.

 Life has already been difficult enough for people seeking asylum in America, and moving to a new land requires some laws and documentation that the government must approve. So to ensure all your paperwork is done right and you can live here as long as you need to. You must hire an experienced Seeking Asylum attorney to help you get your immigrant application approved and all the proper paperwork done. 

Steps for seeking asylum in the US 

  • Come to America 

The most preliminary step is to arrive in America to apply for seeking asylum. To pursue a safe place in the country, you must be physically present to go through all the procedures, applications, and certifications until you gain permission to seek refuge in the US. 

  • Start the application process. 

After arriving in the USA, you must be immediately benign in applying for asylum, as the sooner you get approved, the quicker you can start your new life. Even though people who seek asylum in the US have certain restrictions, unlike other US citizens, their safety is a top priority for the federal and state government. 

To apply for asylum, you must fill out a couple of forms and submit your application. After submission, it will be revised by different authorities, and once it gets approved, you will receive the completion notice through USCIS, including two messages. The first is an acknowledgment of your application, and the other is a letter to notify you about your visit to the nearest application support center or ACS for fingerprint verification. 

  • Branground check and fingerprint verification 

Once you reach the ACS or application support center, you must verify your fingerprint. They will also conduct a background check on you, including your family details, criminal records, spouse, children, etc. Additionally, if you want your spouse and children to live with you in America, you must take them to the ACS center and get their fingerprint verification. They also might have to go through a background check if necessary.