What Is The Role Of A Criminal Lawyer?


The lawyer such as phoenix trust attorneys for example in Criminal Law protects human rights, guaranteeing the application of criminal law without excess. Criminal Law is considered the sentinel of the Brazilian legal system and is only called upon when it is impossible to activate other branches. It is the tool that the State has to punish.

At this point, criminal Law emerges to avoid state excesses based on the principles of the presumption of innocence and the other guarantees and fundamental rights provided for in the Federal Constitution.

There can only be a fair trial when the defendant, whenever found guilty, is punished with a criminal conviction or, if found innocent, is acquitted. For a trial, it is necessary to have prosecution and defense. Therefore, the criminal law oshawa on officer must never suffer prejudice from society for defending — within the Law — his client. Remember, no defense, no condemnation.

Thus, when a crime is committed, the criminal lawyer such as The Law Offices of Brandon White for example must always be present, helping to solve the case and seeking social balance.

Crimes Against The Public Faith

Crimes against the public faith directly attack institutional aspects of the State, which need to be in operation to maintain social functioning. Usually, it is linked to irregularities in documentation, forgeries, and fraud in the accreditation system that comes from the State.

Common examples of these crimes are:

  • counterfeit currency
  • Forgery of public papers
  • Forgery of documents
  • Ideological falsehood
  • Use of false document

Crimes Against Property

Very common in the popular imagination and the performance of a criminal lawyer, crimes against property have the objective of obtaining some financial advantage for the Criminal without implying greater damage to the integrity of the victim. This can range from simple theft to fraud, as with the well-known larceny. Among crimes against property, the following stand out:

  • theft and theft
  • extortion
  • misappropriation
  • fraud
  • receipt

Electronic Crimes

Another common demand that raises doubts among those looking for a criminal lawyer is the action regarding electronic crimes. Many people don’t know, but there isn’t always a crime specifically foreseen to be carried out in electronic media, either on social networks or other platforms. In practice, what happens is that Law applies an analogical analysis. That is: an offense that would be a crime against honor live is also a crime on a social network. Consequently, any act committed online that finds a parallel that is a crime in our legal system will be punished accordingly.

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