When are you eligible for social security disability?

No one knows what your fate is. No one would want a physical disability in his life. But they are inevitable and are much more common than you think. A disability can completely break the continuation of your life. You might lose your job and incur a huge hospital bill and medication expenses. But you might get some relief to know that the social security disability program is there to save you from such a situation. Still confused? Find a lawyer here.

Are you qualified?

If you are not able to work due to any disability, you should be clear about receiving social security benefits. There are mostly two benefits provided – The Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI) and The Supplement Security Program Insurance (SSP). But there are certain criteria you need to fulfil. 

How to qualify?

Before knowing how to qualify for Social Security, you need to understand the definition of disability. There is a strict definition followed by the Social Security program which does not provide you with any benefit if you are partially disabled or you have a short-term disability. You can only get benefits if – 1. You are not able to work or engage in any job because of your disability, 2. You cannot get indulged in your previous job or any other job, 3. Your disability is expected to last at least one year or result in your death.

There are some other guidelines as well. If you have been earning more than an average of $1350 or $2260 in case you are blind, your disability won’t be qualified. There is a maintained list of disabilities that can qualify for benefits. If your injury doesn’t come under that, you won’t receive any benefit.

Proving your disability

If you want to receive benefits from the Social Security Disability program, you must be able to prove that your disability is enough to get qualified under SSD. There must be an existence of recognised impairment through treatment or diagnosis conducted by a physician and you must have enough symptoms and clinical signs to prove the correspondence of the diagnosis. 

This was some information which could help you to understand whether you are qualified for SSD or not. And to get more help about it, you must get in touch with an experienced social security disability lawyer kansas city mo and social security disability lawyer lockport il or social security attorney detroit mi as soon as possible.