Why You Need a Firearm Crimes Attorney in Michigan

Benefits of Having a Firearm Attorney from The Law Offices of Barton Morris

Several laws govern the purchase, use, and possession of a firearm in different states. Having a gun defense attorney is critical in case you find yourself in a situation where you are charged with a firearm crime. An attorney specializing in firearm crimes will help you understand the charges against you and the repercussions. Apart from representing you in a court of law, here are some ways the firearm crimes lawyer in Michigan will help you.

Importance of a Firearm Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

Mitigation of Consequences

A firearm crimes lawyer in Michigan is instrumental in helping mitigate the consequences of a gun crime. The lawyer will help argue your case in court with the goal of a favorable verdict. In extreme circumstances, the lawyer will help by negotiating with the prosecutors so that you can have a reduced charge or lighter sentence.

Access to Resources

Working with a firearm crimes lawyer in Michigan will allow you to get the necessary resources. The lawyer will help your case by hiring forensic experts and investigators to counter the prosecution evidence and raise doubt. The attorney also helps you draft and file motions in court as he deems helpful to your case.

Expertise and Knowledge

The experience gained by the lawyer while representing other clients is critical to your case. If the lawyer has handled several related cases in the past, he has the expertise to fight for a positive outcome in your case. The lawyer also knows the state laws regarding gun possession and crimes, making him a worthy representative in court.

Rights Protection

The essential purpose of hiring a firearm crimes attorney in Michigan is to protect your rights and fight for your interests. When a charge is brought against you, the lawyer will always advise which questions to answer and which not to answer to avoid self-incrimination. Letting the lawyer speak on your behalf will ensure your rights are protected. The attorney will fight for rights to fair treatment if any are being violated, fight for fair bail terms, and ensure you are safe.

Defense Strategy

When charged with a firearm-related crime, one of the most fundamental steps is to develop a defense strategy. Our lawyers at The Law Offices of Barton Morris understand the gray areas of the law, what is admissible in court, and the specific laws to be argued out by the prosecutors. Understanding the circumstances and evidence presented against you will help him develop a personalized defense strategy to help argue your case.

Consult the Firearm Crimes Attorneys

Firearm crimes are serious offenses that have stringent consequences tied to them. Getting an experienced firearm attorney is your best bet for a favorable outcome. Consider the lawyer’s reputation, track record, expertise, and specialization. At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we are experienced gun crimes attorneys who offer a tailored defense strategy for cases such as gun crimes, DUI, assault, drug crimes, fraud offenses, theft, expungement, and Fraud. Contact us today for a free consultation.