Factors Contributing to Tire Blowout Accidents in Connecticut

When it comes to safety, handling, and reliability on the road, tyres are a must-have. They are what physically anchor a car or truck to the road. A damaged tyre, whether from worn treads or improper air pressure, can cause an explosion, leak, or pop, making it difficult or impossible for the driver to control the vehicle safely.

A tyre blowout is one of the worst possible outcomes of a malfunctioning tyre, in which the tyre bursts and comes loose from the vehicle. Vehicle accidents caused by blown tyres can be catastrophic, and the resulting injuries can be permanent. Discuss your situation with a certified Connecticut uber accident attorney.

Who’s Responsible When a Tire Explodes?

There’s more than one cause of flat tyres. Any factor, from poor tyre design to improper vehicle upkeep, can increase the likelihood of a tyre blowout. It is possible that determining the causes of the crash and identifying those responsible for the blowout will need an in-depth inquiry.

In the event of a tyre blowout accident, the following could be held liable, depending on the findings of the investigation:

  • Tyre Maker- It is possible for a tyre blowout accident to occur because of a flaw in the tire’s design or production. Some problems with tyres, such as tread that wears down more quickly than usual, might increase the likelihood of a blowout. An injured party might be able to initiate a product liability claim against the tire’s distributor, designer, or manufacturer if a defective tyre was a contributing factor in causing an accident.
  • The Organization That Takes Care of the Road – When a tyre encounters a sharp object, like a nail left over from road construction, it can cause a catastrophic failure. Regular road maintenance and the prevention of roadside accidents are often the responsibility of the local government.
  • Authorized Driver – Poorly maintained or worn tyres increase the risk of accidents caused by blowouts. Each driver has a duty to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy and safe for use. This responsibility includes ensuring that the tyres are in good working order by inspecting them regularly and making any necessary repairs or replacements as they become worn. The vehicle’s owner may be held liable for the accident and any damages caused to others if the owner fails to take these precautions and a tyre blowout occurs.