Top 5 Things to Know When You Are Facing DUI Charges


If you have been charged with a DUI, it is important to understand your rights and options. Having the right New Jersey DUI Lawyer can make all the difference in how your case turns out. To help you navigate this process, this blog post will cover the top 7 things to know when you are facing DUI charges. From understanding your legal rights to finding the best lawyer for your case, we will cover all the essential information you need to know.

1) Silence is your right.

When facing DUI charges, it is important to remember that you have the right to remain silent. This means that you don’t have to answer any questions from law enforcement without an attorney present. This is an important constitutional right that should be respected and observed. 

2) You have the right to an attorney.

It is important to remember that if you are facing DUI charges, you have the right to an attorney to represent you. Your attorney will be able to help you understand your rights, the process and ensure your legal rights are protected.

3) The consequences of a DUI are serious.

A DUI conviction can lead to jail time, hefty fines, license suspension, and other repercussions. Furthermore, it can affect one’s ability to find employment or apply for loans in the long run. In some cases, a conviction may even lead to deportation. Therefore, it is important to seek experienced legal advice when facing DUI charges.

4) You may be required to install an ignition interlock device.

An ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer that is connected to your car’s ignition. You must blow into it in order to start the car and periodically while driving. If alcohol is detected, the car will not start.

5) You may be required to attend alcohol education classes.

If convicted of a DUI, you may be required to attend mandatory alcohol education classes. These classes can last anywhere from 12 hours to 36 hours and help educate you on the risks associated with drinking and driving.


In conclusion,  a DUI charge is a serious legal matter, and one that can have long-term consequences. Make sure you take the time to find an experienced Van Nuys DUI Attorney who can fight for your rights in court and advise you on the best course of action. It’s also important to know your legal options, the possible defenses available, and what the penalties for conviction may be. With the right knowledge and assistance, you can ensure the best outcome for your case.