Clare Louise


Is Mediation a Viable Alternative for Divorce? Insights from a New Jersey Lawyer

In the realm of matrimonial challenges, the decision to pursue a divorce is a profound one. The emotional, financial, and legal aspects can be overwhelming, often leaving couples searching for alternatives to the traditional adversarial process. One such alternative that...

attorney payment

Importance of online payment for law firms

In today's digital era, online payment systems have revolutionized the way businesses conduct financial transactions. The legal industry, including law firms, has also embraced this shift towards online payment solutions. With the rise of technology and changing client expectations, law...


5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Attorney

"Typically, lawyers spend about 40% of their time in scheduling meetings, searching for relevant documents and managing volumes of case history databases." INTERNATIONAL LEGAL TECHNOLOGY Association (ILTA) Post-pandemic, legal departments around the world have turned to virtual environments, or have...

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